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View Example Results

The following links provide a glance on the results of a DARIO computation. We encourage you to inspect these pages instead of running test data and cosuming server time.

Further Available Test Data

You can start a DARIO computation using test data by enabling the "Use test-data" checkbox on the new job page. The used test data is defined by the selected reference genome. All data is publicly available via GEO and has been mapped to the reference genome using SEGEMEHL. We provide test data for the following species:

  • hg18 / GSM450599. Download in BED.gz or BAM.gz format.
  • dm3 / GSE17153. Download in BED.gz format.
  • ce6 / GSE17153. Download in BED.gz format.
  • mm9 / GSM314552. Download in BED.gz format.
  • rheMac2 / GSM450611. Download in BED.gz format.